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User Based Filtering

User-based filtering (UBF) will enable administrators to apply customised filter rules to individuals, classes, groups, and clubs. You can also choose to allocate specific times at which websites can be accessed.  It also allows admin’s to run filtering reports with RM SafetyNet for specific users.

The AD Sync service will synchronise with a school’s Active Directory users into RM Unify and then populate RM SafetyNet.

The steps to get this working are:

HfL request RM turn on AD Sync in a school’s RM Unify account, that is provided as part of the HfL Broadband service.

Once this is activated schools will need to follow the guide here to get it installed and configured.  HfL ICT services can assist in this however it will be chargeable.

Users will need to install the RM SafetyNet tile within RM Unify and instructions can be found here: Installing the RM SafetyNet User Based Filtering App.

Schools will then setup groups and assign policies in RM SafetyNet, when you login to RM SafetyNet there is a help section which explains the process.

You will then have to force all users to reset their passwords.

Once all of the above is complete, school will need to change the user’s proxy server to and a port of 8080.  The user will then get filtering policies applied as set in RM SafetyNet.  (Any devices not set to will NOT have a username shown in SafetyNet)