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Transparent Proxy

The transparent proxy allows schools to deploy an internet service for which no proxy settings are required. The service is deployed by using a second port on your router and a separate subnet (it will be a 10. subnet rather than a 172. subnet). This makes it ideal for deploying for wireless internet access with school laptops and tablets.  Such a service could be used by staff and students to access the Internet from their own devices, including smart phones, whilst still receiving an appropriately filtered service. By default the transparent proxy will be isolated from your 172.* network. If you wish to set this up, we just need to know what size subnet you want and we will take it from there. Schools can now control the filtering level within their SafetyNet account, as per the below:

The user interface will let schools add any sub-ranges within their allocation, and you can either pick one of the inherited filter policies or one of the school’s own policies via the drop down: